Our Services

When you retain BUSINESS SELLER CENTER you get access to:

Exit Planning
There is a bit of planning that will make this process easier for you and help you be prepared for the conversations and negotiations ahead. This is the time to build your earnings and expand your business systems.

Legal Experts
You don’t want a firm or an Attorney that does all kinds of transactions. You want an Attorney that is experienced in all the processes and documents around selling a business.

Dedicated Business Brokers
You will have a Team to build the Marketing Story of your company, share the story with many interested buyers, and we’ll lead the way to getting you a number of offers to select from.


Accounting Experts
There are some big Accounting lifts required, and if your present Accountant has this skill set, great! If not, we can connect you with some experienced Accountants that you can choose from to help in the financial preparation of the sale.

Web Design and Digital Marketing
One of the most obvious but least exploited advantages you have is in your Web Design and Digital Marketing. If you don’t have this set up properly, and the Buyer needs to build out this critical system, you’ll get a lot less at closing.