Growth & Exit Readiness Assessment

To maximize the value of your business over time, and particularly on the way to a Strategic Exit, there are some key components to be reviewed and upgraded over time. The following self-assessment may point to some ‘gaps’ in your strategy, but will ultimately support you in getting Maximum Value for your business.
If any scores are not high enough, that means you may be leaving some money on the table.

Please use this table to rate yourself. In each section, use a 1-10 scale where 1 = “we’re not ready at all” to “10” = ‘we’ve nailed this! - We’re Ready!”

Financial Preparedness:

Do you create good Financial Statements with a CPA? Have Sales and Earnings been up, down or flat over the last 2-3 years? Have you ever ‘recast’ your financials to look at the earnings that would flow to a new owner? Have you been expanding your Markets, Territories and/or client base? Do you have Salespeople that can independently bring in new business?

The Goal: Having a solid financial reporting basis along with a strong set of tools for “how you make money and attract new business”

Leadership Readiness:

Do you think this is a good time to sell? Or when is? Do you have partners? Are all owners on the same page in terms of timing? Are there other people that should be involved in this transition conversation? Are Key Employees willing to stay on board? Do you have management in place so that you can take extended holiday and business still happens? Would you be willing to stay on and advise during a transition to a new owner? How long would you stick around?

Organization/Operational Readiness:

Are the most important systems documented in writing? HR/Sales/Staffing/Training/Management/Scheduling/Client Care? Are the systems followed? Do you create outstanding Client Experiences?


Have you been actively building your business with an eye toward a Buyer? Do you think this is a good time to sell based on market conditions?

Buyer Focus / Marketing:

Do you have ideas about who would be great Buyers? What industries? What companies? For what reasons? How could a Buyer grow your business? What kind of Deal Structures would you entertain?

Total Score out of Possible 50:

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